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Phase 1: The Racial Equity Journey

Take part in our signature virtual, immersion course thatĀ helps us rethink the story and impact of race in our lives. Learn how to respond to the demands this new storyĀ makes of our values.

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Phase 2a: Racial Equity Action Planning

Use our unique online tools and guided strategy development and consensus-building curriculum to collaborate asynchronously and virtually to develop an equitable and actionable plan to work steadily towards the most urgent racial equity outcomes needed within their organization.

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Phase 2b: Racial Liberation Coaching

Embark on this 12-week customized coaching program designed to deepen your knowledge of your own racial identity development and interdependent relationships with those who have different proximities to racialized power. Understand how to navigate the cultural context of the colonial project we live within and learn how to build relationships in ways that deconstruct the influence of exceptionalism.

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